Learn How to Open a Dispensary in Washington State

How to Open a Dispensary in Washington State


How to Open a Dispensary in Washington
Learn how to open a dispensary in Washington State

The best place to begin learning how to open a dispensary in Washington.

If you are finding this site, it may mean that you are interested or curious on how to go about opening a dispensary in Washington State. There are several things you must consider before getting involved in the marijuana industry in any state, not just Washington. As long as marijuana remains illegal on a federal level, the industry will always be considered “high risk.” We are already seeing states start to govern marijuana in a similar fashion to that of alcohol, meaning the local governments are associating it with something that causes negative health effects.


If you are truly serious about learning how to open a dispensary in Washington, don’t let someone fool you into believing that taking on a venture of that manner should not be done without an attorney. Legal guidance and representation is of the utmost importance in this industry.


Marijuana is still considered illegal in 27 states at the time of this writing and you are going to want legal protection while the federal government’s stance on marijuana remains the same. Federal law supersedes Washington state law and any other state law. Although the federal government’s current stance is to let the state governments decide how they want marijuana handled in their boarders; this could change at any time.

We can provide you with a licensed attorney in your state whom has a background in marijuana law that can mentor you and guide you through the process of opening a dispensary in Washington. We can help make sure things are done legally and within I-502 compliance. The producing marijuana dispensaries in Washington State have already generated over 150,000,000 in taxes from marijuana sales. There is definitely money to be made in this industry but make sure you do it the right way; with a licensed attorney.